Amazing features of the Madden NFL 18 game for mobiles

The latest update of the Madden NFL 18 mobile game is out, and is better than ever. Loaded with the Frostbite game engine and the Longshot story mode, the Madden NFL 18 mobile game features are plenty and amazing for the avid video games lover. Let us take a close look at some of the best features of the game that has made it one of the most interesting and realistic games for mobile devices.

Some of the cool features of the Madden NFL 18 game for mobile devices include:

Play Now Live

play now live

One of the best aspects of the Madden NFL 17 was the options for players to play weekly matchups, and the NFL 18 upgrade has improved upon it. With the Play Now Live option in NFL 18, you can play the biggest matchups every week. You can either choose to play as your favorite team in the league or you can choose the most important matches of the week, and play as one of the two sides. With the latest Madden NFL 18 mobile game features, regular updates of the roster, live commentary and crucial stats all the way, you experience with the game is sure to be the best.

New Play Styles

The NFL 18 update comprises of three different new play styles – Arcade, Simulation and Competitive. Players can choose their desired play style based on their skills as well as the preference of the football that they would like to play. This is a major update from the previous versions of the game where EA Sports majorly focused on trying to explain to players as to how they utilize the options and features of the game to play it. In the latest update, the game maker allows the players to choose their own play styles instead of forcing them upon the players.

Frostbite Power

frostbite engine

The Madden NFL 18 update by EA Sports incorporates the Frostbite engine power of the game-maker, which is one of the best Madden NFL 18 mobile game features. This is one of the first video games from the company to include this game engine. It has allowed the graphics of the game to rise by a few notches. The graphics of the game includes spectacular landscapes and cityscapes, new displays of fireworks, unique weather effects during the game, sequences of running players and many more. These upgrades have helped to make game one of the most realistic ones ever.

The Longshot Story Mode

The Madden NFL 18 features the Longshot story mode where players play as the character, Devin Wade. Unlike other versions of the game where the protagonist is a fresh recruit straight out of college looking to make it big in the league, the Longshot story depicts the picture of an out-of-the-spotlight player working his way towards regaining his form and glory. The on-field as well as off-field moments played out by a player are sure to gain a lot of popularity among avid players of the game.

There are plenty of other such Madden NFL 18 mobile game features that can give you Goosebumps, and take your playing experience to the next level. The update is out, and you should not waste any time to get it.

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