Let me show you the Madden NFL 18 new features

The latest edition of the Madden game has arrived with even more features and game modes, and gamers can expect a better experience playing the game. For starters, Madden 18 Game New Features include a more realistic video game. The graphics systems have been upgraded, and the new gaming engine is Frostbite, which is designed for cross-platform use on numerous devices. Thanks to Frostbite, the gameplay is much smoother, and there are no words to describe it. It’s better to watch trailers of the new game if you want to discover the new improved video graphics that are very life-like.

Longshot Story Mode

Madden NFL 18 longshot

There’s also a new story mode titled “Longshot,” and it follows the career path of Devin Wade, a former high school quarterback as he takes one last shot at hearing his name called on the NFL Draft Day. In story mode, you start from humble beginnings as you experience college football under floodlights with seven-a-side gameplay. You will take Wade through the NFL Scouting Combine where you will experience the most demanding mental and physical tests a draft prospect goes through. The best thing is that you get to shape the story by choosing Wade’s dialogue with friends, trainers, and retired athletes.

Target Passing Mechanic

Madden NFL 18 NEW Target Passing Mechanic

More realistic control is now available thanks to a new feature called “Target Passing.” On real-game broadcasts, we have signal-callers such as Brady throwing to covered receivers, and such elite quarterbacks can fit the ball into tight windows or throw open their targets. As a Madden player, you can now be able to do this. And as you become better at using this mechanic, your efficiency and tactical nous will improve, and to pick apart opposition coverage becomes easier. Also, you get the ability to picture exactly where you’d like to place the ball, which takes user control to the next level.

Play Styles

Three new play styles have been introduced, namely Arcade, Simulation, and Competitive. You can play a brief game in Arcade style, which is a casual mode that allows you to post huge stats. But if you’re looking for a game that’s more realistic, you choose the Simulation mode. In this mode, amazing real-life experiences are intertwined to make the game unpredictable. For instance, one of your players may be injured or flagged based on real statistics from the official site. And so you should expect the unexpected when playing the simulation mode. Success or failure depends on a user’s performance in the Competitive mode and it is suitable for professional gamers.

Ultimate Team

Madden 18 ultimate team

The Ultimate Team continues to be the main attraction in this series. Collecting card packs, winning rewards, and building the perfect roster before bringing it online and competing with other gamers is what fantasy football is all about. Until now, the only thing that this mode lacked was a means of teaming up with your friends. But now we have the introduction of MUT Squads, in which three friends band together to form their best roster based on their collections. They will have an offensive and defensive captain, as well as a head coach, and after creating their roster, they can battle against other trios online. Make sure you grab your copy of the game to learn more about Madden 18 Game New Features.

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